Malaysia Kopitiam LLC dba Malaysian Kopitiam

We are a family-owned and ran Malaysian style restaurant. Our family hails from Ipoh, Malaysia. Food from Malaysia is often described as a mixture of Chinese and Indian. At our restaurant, we do our best to stick to those cultural traditions when preparing our food and picking the ingredients that make up our dishes. It is our goal to serve authentic and delicious Malaysian cuisine, hopefully introducing the wonderful flavors from far off states of Malaysia to the residents of the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. Our many menu options will allow others the ability to enjoy much of the Malaysian culture, such as our spicy dishes which are often named after the regions they draw their inspiration from, or our comfort foods traditionally found in the food carts of Kuala Lumpur. Curious and want to know more? Come visit us during our open hours and ask our amazing owner and host Leslie for more details about Malaysia, our food and our culture!