FN1.  Char Kuey Teow (CKT)

Stir-fried flat rice noodle with shrimp, egg, chives & bean sprout.

FN2.  Mamak Mee Goreng

Stir-fried spicy egg noodle with shrimp, tofu, bean sprout, egg, tomatoes & potatoes topped with lettuce and crispy shallot of wedge lime.

FN3.  Beef Chow Fun

        Stir fried flat rice noodle with beef, bean sprout and U-choy.

FN4.  Watt Tan Hor Fun

         Stir fried flat rice noodle with shrimp, fish cake and U-choy in a creamy egg sauce.

FN5.  Kopitiam Noodle

Braised wonton noodle with shrimp, fish cake, U-Choy & bean sprout in a brown savory sauce.

FN6.  Singapore Noodle

Stir fried long thin rice noodle with chicken, egg, onion green & red bell pepper in curry flavor.

FN7.  Dry Curry Wonton Mee

Wonton noodle top with chicken curry gravy, U-Choy & bean sprout.